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“Backgammon at its finest”

Play live online backgammon games with your friends and Millions of other World Wide backgammon
players – for FREE!

PlayGem Backgammon is the leading social Backgammon game played online by HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of players EVERY DAY - now available on your mobile device!

PlayGem free online backgammon makes the oldest board game even more enjoyable and fun!

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Backgammon with friends is pure fun! Play free Online Backgammon with your friends –you’re only a few clicks away!

Play online against a worthy Backgammon opponent. Our unique matching system quickly matches you with another international backgammon player. Play online Tournaments, win games, get bonuses and
improve your backgammon skills as you play against increasingly better players!

**Climb the Leaders Board**

Gain experience (XP), Level up, Unlock Achievements, climb the Leaders Boards and get international backgammon fame! Invite your friends to the challenge – is it possible that their backgammon game is better than yours?

**Beautiful and unique boards**

Unlock 7 beautiful and exotic backgammon playing boards - each with its own special music and theme!

Awesome additional features for more Backgammon Fun

*Live games – quick, simple and smooth

*100% certified dice

* Works on all platforms

*Best Customer Support

*Free unlimited online backgammon games!

We Love Free Backgammon – do you?

**Other names for Backgammon**

Players from all over the world love their backgammon board and dice, but can call this great board
game by different names. Some call it: Tavla, Tavli, Tapa, Trictrac, Tric Trac, Tabula, Acey Deucey, Narde,
Shesh Besh, Nackgammon, Plakoto, Turkish Backgammon, Greek Backgammon, Russian Backgammon,
Roman Backgammon, Gul Bara, Hyper Backgammon, Takhteh or Moultezim, ששבש,שש בש – they all mean the same
fun game, and we LOVE it!

Even if you misspelled it and wrote back gammon, nackgammon, nack gamon, backgamon, bacgamon,
bakgamon or anything else – we don’t mind misspellers, you’re invited to an exciting free online
backgammon game.

Grab your dice and playing board - download PlayGem Backgammon and start playing against your
friends today!